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Throughout the years, we have cultivated extensive know-how and networks, which have enabled us to acquire the reputation of being one of the most dependable translation companies in Japan. Specialized in the translation of localization, vehicle and medical related technical manuals, we accept orders from major companies on a regular basis.
We have experienced linguists registered from all over the country. Our internal staffs also have high language skills and technical knowledge. Moreover as professionals in localization, we can deal with any situation requested. We carefully plan and detail schedules down to the smallest item not only for the translation, editing and help compilation, but also for any technical reviews needed for localization. In this way, we take into account all possible requirements in order to provide our customers with the highest quality work at all times.
MIC Corporation has always been a leader in the introduction of the most advanced technology of the translation industry, such as database programs and data processing. From an early stage, MIC has been making use of many CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools, such as SDL Trados products (Studio, Trados, Idiom), HyperHub, Catalyst, Helium, and IBM Translation Manager 2. Various companies have come to understand the advantage of using such sophisticated technology.
A translated sentence is connected with its source sentence and stored together in a database known as the translation memory. This enables the translator to access the database to copy and reuse it whenever an identical or similar sentence is encountered. As a result, not only is the consistency of expression and technical terms maintained, but also long hours of repetitive translation are shortened, leading to considerable cost reduction. As a result, our client companies enjoy improved cost performance.
We have established our own translation style by taking full advantage of various CAT tools. However, we do not depend solely on such technology. We have developed tools and macros of our own in order to carry out our work more efficiently.

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