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MIC is looking to enter into partnership with an oversea localization company. We are eager to take part in supporting your company in order to achieve the localization successfully in Japan. We are willing to give our full cooperation to support the localization process in Japan.

Over the years, we have expanded our localization services. Founded as a translation company, our specialized field in localization is translation, editing and review. Review of the software product itself is also carried out during the editing process. We can also provide software engineering-cross platform and QA/Testing.

For those planning to enter the Japanese market and localize products in Japan, it is indispensable to take advantage of the detailed knowledge of the localization industry and advanced business strategies that we offer. If you are looking for a partnership with a corporate entity in Japan, MIC is the company you can trust.

Please contact us to find out the services and support we offer.

E-mail address : info@mic-japan.com

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