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We accept applications at any time for translators familiar with the translation support software, Trados Workbench and TM/2. Regular orders are made to those who meet our standards.
In order to register, please send your curriculum vitae by E-mail (trial@mic-japan.com).
A trial translation will be requested related to your specialized field. It will undergo strict review and graded from A to C. Only those above B will be registered. After registration, another trial will be undertaken. This trial will be paid for and scheduled just as an actual job. For this, in addition to quality, the applicant will be checked as to whether or not he or she is capable of following basic rules regarding style instructions or unification of terms.
We only accept applicants who have more than 1 year of translation experience.
This is because when a large amount of manual translation is required in a short period, it is indispensable that the translator has knowledge of manual production and process.
Those who lack experience are likely to make careless mistakes, which may take hours for the internal staff to check and correct resulting in delays in the entire translation process.

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